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The Power of Makeup

Anyone who says that being a modern woman is easy is just straight-up LYING. We’re expected to be perfect mothers and amazing employees, smart and wholesome but also spectacular in the bedroom, sweet and accommodating but also fierce, fiery, and far-from-basic. Not only that, we have to constantly tweak our looks. I’m sure you ladies Continue Reading

The Power of a Great Outfit

Get Up Dress Up

Did anyone else see this New York Times article on “enclothed cognition”? That’s a fancy, science-y way of saying that what we wear impacts how people see us AND how we feel about ourselves. There’s actual research backing this up, people! And I’m just thrilled about it because I know there are still a few Continue Reading

Reminder: All Bodies Are Beautiful

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OK, let’s see a show of hands: How many of you are waiting until you lose 10 more pounds before you upgrade your wardrobes? How many of you cringe a little when your loved ones tell you you’re beautiful or sexy, and brush off those compliments? How many of you try to love your bodies Continue Reading