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Remember how you felt about your body + your wardrobe when you were 22?

Cocktail dress or mini? Hmmm, I love both of ‘em and they both look H-O-T.

Of course we’d love to go shopping with you! We live for dressing rooms.

Of course, back then we probably didn’t appreciate our tight tummies or our ability to wear just about anything and look + feel incredible. These days, we spend more time in carpools than swimming pools and we’re more likely to drop money on the kids’ sports practice than our own self-care practice. Our bodies have changed – from age, health issues, giving birth to gorgeous, healthy kids – and now the things that used to look H-O-T look N-O-T.

So we hide in clothes that cover everything and fill our closets with things we don’t like. We shy away from photos and worry that our partner will lose interest or we’ll get passed up for that promotion. We skip shopping trips and just keep wearing the same old things – even though we didn’t like them to begin with. We know because we’ve been there. And we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that.

You can dress your new body in a way that feels stylish, sexy and you. You can have a closet full of clothing you lovelovelove (without ever setting foot in a dressing room.) You can turn heads, grow your confidence, and boost your happiness – exponentially.

We will help you create a wardrobe and look that absolutely thrills you. Imagine chatting with your most stylish, most supportive friend. She knows what looks good and – more importantly – she knows what looks good on you. And then she actually assembles outfits she knows you’ll love and sends them right to your house.

No dressing rooms. No lines or fluorescent lighting.

Just hand-picked ensembles that will make you look (and feel) double-take beautiful.

“I’ve received lots of compliments on my new clothes and attitude. The change I wish people could see is the change within. Chandra’s makeover essentially changed my life. I’m no longer waiting until I lose that extra 15 to 20 pounds before I purchase something new. I love the body I’m in and I’m excited to dress it up.”

How does this magic work?

  1. We send you a sweet little worksheet that will help us learn more about you, your style, your life, and the parts of your beautiful body you want more people to see.
  2. We meet in person (or over Skype) to go over your answers and have a look through your closet.
  3. Armed with this knowledge, we head to our favorite boutiques, shops, and websites to assemble outfits that will make you feel like a new woman.
  4. You excitedly tear open the packages and try on your outfits. Love ‘em? Wonderful! You pay retail price. Not quite right? Return ‘em, no questions asked. When you look good, you feel good and everything else in life has a way of falling into place.A happier home life (because we know that when Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy) A sexier, more fun-filled relationship with your partner. More confidence at work and in meetings.
“I love me!  My husband and children have been supportive, encouraging and love the changes.  The wardrobe changes have increased my confidence.”

Are you ready to love getting dressed each morning? Do you want a skip in your step and a sparkle in your eye? Are you ready for a happier heart and a more confident life?

Thought so.  

We can’t wait to help you create a look that makes you feel beautiful.

Ready?  Let’s go!